Toll Free Termination


Compensation for Toll-Free Termination Services. Clarity Networks is now offering compensation for Toll-Free Termination to the US. If your company terminates high volume minutes per month, you qualify for our Toll-Free Compensation program. Compensation rates vary depending on volume; starts at 0.0003/minute for low volume traffic.

Start saving on your calls instantly

  • You can easily get started by creating a new Route on your switch or PBX called TollFreeConnect.
  • Nex,t simply put us into your dial plan or routing table for the following prefixes.

(1833, 1844, 1855, 1866, 1877, 1888, and 1800)

  • Optionally you may choose to set up both points of presence listed below guaranteed 99.999% yearly uptime.


On the network, and in the industry, phone calls are seen as having two ends and traveling in one direction (even if there is a whole bunch of back and forth). The originating end is where the call is dialed from, and the terminating end is the party being called. Hence, termination is the act of delivering your outbound calls to the numbers you’ve dialed. You don’t need a phone number to terminate (send) calls.